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Ralf Schellen

010 - Atomic Love

010 - Atomic Love

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Radiation has two faces. An individual's aura is his or her emotional charisma: fascination rather than contamination. In this very suggestive motif, radiation appears in a very ambivalent, mysterious presence. For the first time in the entire edition, photo artist Ralf Schellen stages two spy girls in one composition. Both meet in an antagonistic position. We see both in the portrait, two mysterious beauties in a spy thriller who seem to be on two sides - which their military peaked caps signal. To Britain and Russia with love.

In this motif, Schellen works with two emblematic elements that play a role in many thrillers - the threatening gray nuclear submarine that is heading straight towards the viewer. Which brings us to the tension area of ​​contamination. The flash of light in the background could be interpreted as a nuclear disaster. The second element is the fast-paced sports car that super agents prefer to use as mobile equipment, often with a built-in high-tech arsenal. The submarine and the high-powered speedster connect both sides in a hidden relationship. The bluish color of the motif suggests that the story takes place in (sub)marine spheres. Connoisseurs of spy cinema will certainly find candidates as to which film models could have inspired the photo artist.

The printout is made on “aluminium composite”. Thanks to the latest generation of UV direct printing with 7 colors including light colors, the matt surface of the aluminum composite shines in absolutely rich colors and subtleties are displayed in high resolution down to the last detail. The pictures come with a pre-assembled profile suspension and are approximately 1 cm away from the wall. This gives your mural a floating look.


NOTE: The pictures of the "Spy Art Edition" are also offered in high-quality acrylic version in museum/gallery quality up to a size of 90x160 cm via the "Galerie Heidefeld und Partner" in Krefeld. You can of course also purchase the works shown here in the gallery. Please contact us for further information.


All images are usually printed directly after ordering. If an external printing service provider is involved in the creation, the delivery time can increase to up to 2 weeks.

Delivery is free of charge.

Treatment & Care

The print is applied with high quality ink on high quality art paper. To ensure longevity, the image should be protected from direct sunlight.

It is recommended that you only touch the pictures with gloves.

Only pictures made of acrylic glass can be cleaned with a clean, damp cloth without pressure.

Never expose unprotected prints to water. This destroys the surface.

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