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Ralf Schellen

Workshop - Getting started with image generation with Midjourney

Workshop - Getting started with image generation with Midjourney

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Discover the fascinating world of image generation using artificial intelligence and learn how to create breathtaking images with the innovative tool "Midjourney".

In my workshop you will learn how to use "Midjourney" to generate stunning images that express your artistic vision. Midjourney uses the latest artificial intelligence algorithms to create images so realistic you could almost believe they were real.

I will walk you through the process of generating images with Midjourney and show you how to improve your artificial intelligence skills. You will learn how to import and manipulate images from various sources to achieve unique and impressive results.

Our workshop is aimed at anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge and skills in artificial intelligence, whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional. Discover the creative diversity of "Midjourney" and learn how to bring your artistic ideas to life.

Register today for our workshop on artificial intelligence image generation with "Midjourney" and discover a new world of creative possibilities!

From the content:

- Access to Midjourney

- Configuration

- The “right” prompts

- Image post-processing

In addition to the workshop, each participant receives (further) documents as a PDF file.

The topics are covered on the projector and on the flipchart. However, each participant can bring their own computer so that they can immediately understand the learning content.

Time: tbd

Duration: 3h

Location: tbd

Number of participants: 4-6

Workshop leader: Ralf Schellen

The participation fee is due when ordering. If the workshop is canceled by the workshop leader, the participant fee will be fully refunded. The workshop will only take place if the minimum number of participants has been reached. If a participant cancels the workshop, 50% of the participant fee will be refunded up to 14 days before the workshop. The full participation fee then applies. In this case, the documents will be made available.


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