Collection: Spy Art Edition

The following insight is not undercover: Hardly any other genre has shaped the aesthetics of cinema with such strong images and distinctive motifs as the spy thriller.
Through the scope of their makers, the audience experienced and continues to experience breathtaking film architectural backdrops, astonishing props such as shooting ballpoint pens and PS giants that actually require a gun license, highly attractive playmates of omnipotent scouts - and last but not least, the often legendary film opening credits and cinema posters of literally tough pop music. Culture. Elements of spy classics have long since become icons of our everyday culture.

The cinematic universe that inspired his latest cycle of fine art photography is unmistakable: an artistic play with illusion and reality, elegance and eroticism, glamor and girls, high-tech and tough action.

The overall visual composition of each image creates an exciting scenario with many, almost hidden, detailed elements - and tells of imaginary worlds, worlds to dream about, that are mysterious - and not just because they are about (invisible) secret agents.

We invite you to explore our gallery and choose your favorite artwork to decorate your walls with a touch of espionage and elegance. Enjoy the beauty and glamor of the Agents films in our unique artwork!

NOTE: The pictures of the "Spy Art Edition" are also offered in high-quality acrylic version in museum/gallery quality up to a size of 90x160 cm via the "Galerie Heidefeld und Partner" in Krefeld. You can of course also purchase the works shown here in the gallery. Please contact us for further information.